Ines, nice to meet you. Italian, soon to be based in Amsterdam.

inesness is a nickname that in the years has grown to define that fluid thing that is my style. Mostly said by other people when they see something and tell me that it is "so inesness". 

I've been making creative stuff for as long as I can remember: dabbling in photography, styling, crafting, but never quite settling on one or the other.

I love creating content. Life is too short not to be creative in everything you do. And it's always worth it. To write new books, put out new songs, shoot new movies, decorate new houses, raise new babies. It takes time and effort and heart, but it's the only way to build something that lasts and that speaks of you.

This is going to be my digital studio, journal and archive.

Here you'll find pretty visuals (that's for sure), colour inspiration for your next fashion collection / stationery line / photoshoot / craft project, thoughts on the creative process and digital freebies.